About Us

Experience is the source of wisdom and you can feel that at Morsing. It is easy to say, we know. But we mean it. Our years and years of experience advising clients from both the private and public sector is your safety net. Because we know what it takes. Our experience and insights make us some of Denmark’s absolute brightest communication consultants. You are very welcome to put us to the test, we love a challenge.


We specialise in providing our customers media airtime, building valuable relationships with stakeholders and navigating the political system. This is where our network of journalists, bloggers, politicians and experts is crucial, as they feed us with unique knowledge and keep us updated in ever-changing media landscapes, digital trends and political scenes. And you do not want to be the last to know. We certainly do not.


It is also important to perform on the internal communications stage. We help you engage all employees at eye level, not only those sitting in the front row.